A Whisper

Posted: October 21, 2014 in OC, Poetry
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A Whisper


Tomorrow you will see,

My soul says to me.

You may have lost the fight to night

But tomorrow’s yet to be.

The morning brought the sunshine

That brightened up the valley.

She tried to kill the darkness

But the night held tight in nooks and alleys.

He stayed alive you see.

He found a way to be.

He crept around, low to the ground,

In gutters, at your feet.

High noon came and left you

Brimming with delight.

But the sunshine left you blinded,

Convinced you’d seen the last of plight.

So once you’d put your day’s work in

And sat to watch the setting sun,

He came up quick behind you

To remind you of all you hadn’t done.

His voice grew loud and booming

As the sky grew deep and black.

I know that now you’re frightened

The sun is has gone and shall never come back.

But have no fear! it yells

In a sharp, resounding whisper.

The darkness only wishes

He could stand with you and kiss her.

For when she bats her eyelids

And returns to you and me,

The night will bow in awed defeat.

Look hard and you will see.


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